Prophecy Update with Pastor Tom Hughes


Prophecy Update: Episode 63

August 8, 2018

Consider the news right now- fires are so relentless in California that soldiers have been sent to help the fight; add to that, the threat of war with Iran, US and Israel, and the shutdown of the Strait of Hormuz and oil exports, is the greatest it has ever been; and then there is the alarming rise of civil unrest- it is getting to the point of developing into a civil war in America, of which some have said it has already begun; but there is more- heat waves are devastating areas of Europe and the United States and immigration is changing the face of continents and bringing nation against nation. BUT in all these things, Jesus warned that the end of this age would be characterized as a time of pestilence. A pestilence problem that will threaten the entire world. And Public health officials warn that we are now entering such a time.
In this week's Prophecy Update Pastor Tom Hughes looks at pestilence and how it will effect the future of humans.

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